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    Anchorstone cafe, Dartmouth

Anchorstone Cafe

Outdoors, childrens play park, river view, dog friendly, full of locals! What more could you want? oh and great food too!

Address: Corination Park, Dartmouth

Open: Everyday 7am - 4.30pm

Web: anchorstonecafedartmouth.co.uk

Children friendly:

Dog friendly:

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Located on the corner of Dartmouth's beautiful openspace public park, this has to be one of the most glamourous park hut cafes you could ever visit. With a childrens play park to oneside, lush green park to another and the River Dart to the other side this place is obviously a big hit with families, dog walkers and of course all the local rowing teams.

For breakfast, well i'm a simple gal and for me the bacon baps are out of this world. Think of the full on joy and flavour of the best bacon ever, sandwhiched in a really fluffy, but firm, with the right amount of crisp fresh white bap, moderatly buttered for the right moisture content and ketchup to taste... yes i have had a few!! Together with a builders mug of tea (fancy teas and coffees available) and if your luck is in, a bit of Devon sunshie and you really will think you've gone to heaven.

We should also mention the lunch menu, also not your average from a park hut! Fresh crab, mussels, steak baguttes, vino... you will be completely forgiven if you end up just spending the whole afternoon here (which i may have been known to do!!)

food dish at aanchorstone cafe
food dish at aanchorstone cafe
food dish at aanchorstone cafe
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Find Anchorstone on facebook call on 01803 722365

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The Anchorstone cafe at Corination Park Dartmouth
T: +44 (0)1803 834311 E: info@justbdartmouth.com