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During high season, please use Dartmouth Park and Ride where ever possible.

Dartmouth is a small, very old town that wasn't really designed for lots of cars. You can pull in near to all of our Just B properties to unload baggage. After this and especially during summer months, please go direct to the park and ride at the top of town.

There is limited parking in Dartmouth Town centre which usually becomes more available after 6pm. Parking times and restrictions vary so please check signs nearby

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  • Green - Free and unrestricted year round
  • Yellow - Free and Unrestricted except no marking durring Market days Tuesday and Friday 7am - 5pm (year round)
  • Blue - Free but with 2 hour time restriction
  • Black - Free but with 1 hour time restriction
  • Red- Main pay and display car park

Red area- Dartmouth Pay and Display Main car park (Mayors Avenue)

Low season car parking charges ( LOW season 1st November to 24th March)

1/2 hour 1 hour 2 hour 3 hour 4 hour 6 hour all day over night
n/a 90p £1.80 £2.70 £3.60 £n/a £6.00 £n/a

High season car parking charges ( HIGH season 25th March - 31st October)

1/2 hour 1 hour 2 hour 3 hour 4 hour 6 hour all day over night
60p £1.30 £2.60 £3.90 £5.20 £n/a £n/a £2.00

We really don't recommend using the pay and display town car park, you will spend your entire stay "feeding the meter" and its hungry.. and expensive. The Park and ride is by far the better option.

Dartmouth Park and Ride is BEST!!!

Please, please use the Dartmouth Park and Ride It is a good service, its by far the cheapest option and it really helps the town

Dartmouth park and ride is located at the top of the hill, less than a 5 minute drive from Just B. You can drive to your room, drop off luggage and then pop up to Dartmouth Park and ride in less time than you will complete a lap of town looking for a space!

buses run from April - October: (outside of these times, parking in Dartmouth Town centre is fairly easy!)

  • Monday - Sunday: Every 20 minutes from 8:00 - 19:00
  • During school holiday times: Every 10 minutes from 9:30 - 19:00
  • Outside of operation times you can use your ticket or text to use the normal service buses or use a local Dartmouth taxi

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