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    The Dolphin Pub

The Dolphin Dartmouth

Proper friendly old boozer with great value, full flavour food

Address: Market Street, Dartmouth

Open: 11am - 11pm,

Children friendly: (until around 8pm)

Dog friendly:

Great for : a lively atmosphere

Converstation starter : You’ll be hard pushed not to get talking to someone this place is so friendly, although anything to do with Rowing and or fishing will set you on a good course. If you’re really struggling mention the Jamirquai concert you recently went too.

Browns Hotel Bar from the putside

The Dolphin Pub is quite often one of the livelier night spots in Dartmouth. Regularly showcasing local bands and DJ’s this pub has lots going on. Early evening this is great place for a beer and a great value burger. Tuesday is Thai night and Thursday is Grill night – although do check the facebook site for the latest info.

Year around, always popular on a Friday with a loyal following of local workforce welcoming in the weekend. Saturdays are generally lively too and Sundays offer up a great roast diner, fully loaded and just the ticket to put you back on track!

Famous for it’s “Husband crèche” The Dolphin is a great place to drop off your partner while showcasing his credit card in all the local boutiques – everyone’s a winner!

We love the dolphin for being a friendly good old boozer kind of a pub which serves great value good honest pub food too.

The Dolphin Pub Dartmouth

Find The Dolphin on facebook call on 01803 833698

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T: +44 (0)7973 452669 E: info@justbdartmouth.com